Q.The beginning of the wrap is curled (excluding some series). Is the curled part included in the total length of the wrap indicated on its package?

The beginning part is curled within the range of 10cm-15cm. The curled part is an extra area given to mark the beginning and therefore, its length is not included in the specified length of the product.

Q.Is there expiry date for plastic wrap?

No. Although there may be changes in the texture due to degradation over time, plastic wraps can still be used for food preservation purpose.

Q. Is it possible to replace the metal blade with a paper or plastic one?

RIKEN WRAP (plastic blade type) is available. We will continue to develop our products.

Q.Why do RIKEN WRAP/HI WRAP have cutter blade on the outside?

They are the products popular for business use. Please be careful the blade when using them at home. Please use TAPPURI 100 if you are looking for a box type wrap that has cutter blade on the inside.

Q.I lost the end of the wrap. What should I do?

If you have lost the wrap end, take the wrap out of the box and use a piece of tape to find the end and pull out. We recommend that you do not use any edged tools, otherwise it will be much harder to pull out.

Q.Does PVC wrap cling well?

Yes, it will cling perfectly. If adhesion is weak, try stretching the wrap before using.

Q.Is PVC WRAP microwavable?

If you are to microwave wrapped heavily greasy food, please avoid the tray content from getting into direct contact with the wrap by using a dish with depth as the temperature will rise considerably high. A high heat resistant wrap F.O.R. WRAP is also available.

Q.Why does PVC wrap covering a container expand when microwaved, and then shrink after taking it out of the microwave?

High adhesiveness of PVC WRAP to containers cause the air trapped inside the container to expand and the wrap swells as a result. Once taken out of the microwave, it shrinks due to a sudden drop in the air temperature.
You can prevent the wrap from swelling by punching in a small hole with a toothpick etc. before microwaving.

Q.It says that F.O.R. WRAP can tolerate up to 180℃. What merit does it have?

When greasy food such as deep-fried mashed potatoes and chickens is microwaved, the temperature reaches 150℃ within the first 3 minutes. At this temperature, regular plastic wrap may melt or be torn causing the food to not be heated properly. Meanwhile, F.O.R. WRAP has the highest heat resistance and it is very useful in heating oily food or for preparations before cooking.

Q.What are polymethylpentene, polybutene-1 and polyolefin indicated in the quality label?

Polyolefin is a general term for plastic composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms. Besides polymethylpentene and polybutene-1, there are polyethylene and polypropylene as major componds.

Q.F.O.R. WRAP keeps popping out of the box when I try to use it.

Gently press on [wrap stopper] of the box with your thumb when tearing. There is [return prevention stopper] on the wrap itself which prevents the wrap from getting rolled back in.
Keep [return prevention wrap stopper] clean for best results, otherwise the stopper will be less retentive.

Q.Can I use RIKEN WRAP for Commercial Use in a BIG WRAP box?

No. BIG WRAP cannot be used as a refill for RIKEN WRAP for Commercial Use.

Notes on Use

  • 1)Limitation on use
  • Please do not use this product for purposes other than wrapping food.
  • 2)Precaution against
    cutter blade
  • Please be careful of the serrated edge on the box when handing.
  • 3)Notes on infants
  • Please keep the wrap and wrapped food out of reach of young children. They may cause suffocation once put into mouth.
  • 4)Do not use in an oven
  • Please do not use oven functions on toaster ovens and microwave ovens when using this product. Doing so may result in the product tearing or melting into food.
  • 5)Microwave
    Notes on use
  • Please avoid the tray content from getting into direct contact with the wrap by using a dish with depth when microwaving. Punching in a small hole with a toothpick etc. before microwaving will help remove the unnecessary steam. Please be careful of the trapped steam when removing the wrap.
  • 6)Precaution against
    heat sources
  • Please keep away from heaters, range tops and other sources of heat. Keeping the product near a heat source may cause it to melt together.
  • 7)Notes on storage
  • Please do not store this product near items with strong smell (mold, soap, spice, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, etc.), otherwise odor may transfer onto the wrap.